Mavericks basketball

Today I am going dribbling a basketball from my highschool to the beach and back (roughly 3 miles) which is a lot! It is for a fundraiser for our local club team, mavericks basketball. This is my first year doing it, and it is a work out compared to the normal season at school! Tomorrow is our annual inter squad scrimmage. I am looking forward to tomorrow, tonight though.. Not so much!

The 27th Line

love how this captures the potential in young men and womens’ lives.

Ben Lewellyn-Taylor

Tomorrow my students will take their first round of STAAR testing in Writing, a subject I teach twice a day. The test is scored by their responses to 40 multiple-choice revising and editing questions along with 2 essays—one narrative and one expository.

Although the Writing test is one of three they must pass in the 7th grade (along with Reading and Math), it was important to me to communicate to my students that it doesn’t mean that much to me.

Allow me to explain. I have known my students for 8 months. I spend more time each day with them than with anyone else. I teach some of them for 3 hours a day (the lucky ducks who have me for Reading, AVID, and Language Arts).

They are more aware of my quirks than anyone else (including myself—apparently I have an “about-to-go-off” face). They have taught me more…

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